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The web based reverse auction platform enabling companies to save time and money through their global sourcing.

E Procurement Software Services & Online Procurement System

Achieve Strategic Business Goals and Locate Lucrative Deals In The Emerging Suppliers Market ., your trusted partner and leading e procurement service company providing smart online procurement solutions.

The business landscapes and B2B networks today are witnessing brisk changes with everything turning faster and more competitive; in this scenario; an organization can survive and prosper only by staying attuned with technology advances like online procurement system.

Whether you are a supplier or tender requester, we at empower you with our Avant Garde e procurement software to match steps with these changes. Our automated procurement process helps you save time and money and match steps with these changes.

For a tender requester, the online procurement system speeds up the procedure of application of tenders and everything that follows and is associated with it (see points below) while a supplier can automatically send acknowledgment, quotation and carry out other related tasks in more swift and organized manner. (Points mentioned below).


Online Reverse auction platform company's benefits:

e procurement software

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User Testimonials

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Tender requester:

  • Sending private tender gets quicker in only three steps

  • Now make your individual list of preferred suppliers own

  • Automatic receipt of tender acknowledgment

  • Online Reverse auction platform ensures better offers

  • Automatically Accept or decline quotations

  • And more...

Supplier offer:

  • Acknowledge tenders automatically

  • Send quotation online in few steps

  • Track your offer ranking position (first or second)

  • Revise your bid according to your position

  • more ...
Through our e procurement services, we ensure the following:

Convenience- eProcurement system leads to faster turnaround, streamlined and more organized and diminishes requisition times

Efficient business procedures —With an e procurement software, manual involvement is significantly reduced, and ordering and invoicing gets more efficient with minimum possible scope for errors.In the long run, this also means significant savings.

Even procurement leaders vouch for the benefits of our online reverse auction platform after they experienced visit our website for more information.